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Our candles are made to order, so you can choose your preferred scent to make it truly personal. From refreshing citrus to warm vanilla, we have a variety of scents to suit your taste.  


This custom-made concrete candle makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves nature-inspired home decor, or for yourself as a special treat.


Each candle is thoughtfully packaged and ready for gifting.Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home with this custom-made concrete candle. Order now and enjoy the ambiance it brings to your space.


This listing is for 3 candles, one in each of the following sizes 8oz, 9oz and 13oz.  Each candle is made with a coconut apricot blended wax. 


Keep in mind that room size and candle size are tied together; therefore, you would not want to put a small candle in a large space (i.e. an oversized family room, kitchen, or bedroom). As a result, this candle would be ideal for a standard-size bedroom, master bath, family/living room, or kitchen/dining room.


When ordering please select vessel color and scent desired in the notes section provided. If you are purchasing a set, please be sure to choose “Variety" as your scent if you would like different scents in your set vessels. Please remember to add your scents to the box below or they will be chosen for you.   



Main Collection: Affection | After Hours | Blu | Dark Blu | Intentions | Inspiration | In Your Dreams | *Variety


Spa Collection: Exhale | Inhale | Rainfall | Relaxation | Self-care



Solid Colors (pigments): Black | Blue | Brick Red | Bright Red | Dark Grey | Green | Grey/Natural Concrete Color | White | Marble*


Additional Color Options for Marbled Vessels ONLY (acrylic paint): Black | Blue | Green | Magenta/Pink | Orange| Purple | Turquoise | Red | White | Yellow