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Get to Know Us

Our mission is to help our customers cultivate the needed ambiance for the ultimate ME time experience while providing cleaner versions of products that currently permeate the market.

A little about how I got started:

I have always had a love of anything that smelled good.  However, the concept of Meraki Custom Creations was born in 2017 while I was recovering from a severe illness.  Ultimately the dream had to be put on hold in 2018 when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Over the next 2 yrs. my tumor tripled in size and turned cancerous. After undergoing tumor extraction surgery and numerous rounds of radiation, I am happy to say that today I am cancer-free!!! It has not been an EASY road but one that has completely changed my life. 


This journey, while not conventional, has finally led to the launch of Meraki Custom Creations.  I was determined to offer quality products that were extremely fragrant, but not environmentally harmful. I embarked on the quest to only source sustainable, vegan, pharben free, clean burning wax and high quality fragrance oils that do not omit harmful chemicals when burned.  It was also important to me to shrink my company's landfill footprint, so I determined to create a product that could be refilled safely numerous times.  This desire birthed our refillable collection.  This collection of concrete vessels can be safely refilled, provided they are properly maintained by our customers, 3-4 times before a new vessel needs to be purchased.  This small endeavor will help shrink my company's landfill footprint.  I am the consummate student, always looking for ways to improve, so this is just the beginning of what I have planned and I hope that each of you will join me on that journey.  



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